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Rockets & Sweet Tea

From Dialogues & Monologues with God




Good morning, God, and how are you?

Have You had a peaceful night?

Have all Your dreamy dreams come true?

Are You watching from on high?

What about that prayer I prayed,

at Your cross I cried,

the one to help You change the world

and shine Your shiny Light?

For in my own backyard I see

deception, hate, and lies,

roaring lions, lukewarm sweet tea

and southern compromise.

And when I turn the TV on

I see rockets in the sky,

and floods, and fire, and war, war, war,

and human shields, oh, my!

Now, I have not the resume

one would require, even so,

approve me, use me, scoot me off,

broken places I will go.

Once a child so small was I,

my foolish days you know.

But, I have had enough of milk

with You, I grow, I grow!

So, in Your classroom, Lord, I sit,

tip, tipping off my seat

with oooh, oooh, oooh's, and hands raised high,

pick me, pick me, pick, me!

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